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Elemental Movie


Pixar fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Elemental, the all-new feature film set in a world where fire, water, land, and air-residents live together. Directed by Jae Sohn and featuring the voices of Shila Ommi, Mason Wertheimer, and many more, this highly anticipated movie has been years in the making and is finally available for audiences to enjoy. 

Drawing inspiration from Sohn's own immigrant background and his upbringing in New York City during the 1970s, Elemental tells the story of a fiery young woman named Ember and a water element named Wade who fall in love despite the cultural differences that divide their worlds. 

With its stunning animation and heartfelt message about the power of love and acceptance, Elemental is sure to be a hit among both children and adults alike.

Elemental Movie Review

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I. Introduction

Brief overview of the movie Elemental

Elemental is an American animated movie produced by Disney and Pixar. The plot takes place in an urban city, Element City, where natural elements such as earth, air, water, and fire live together. It follows the story of Ember Lumen, a fiery girl, and Wade Ripple, a water element guy, who fall in love after a plumbing accident at Ember's father's convenience store. [1][2]

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Disney and Pixar's involvement in the movie

Disney and Pixar collaborated to produce and distribute the movie Elemental. The idea for the film originated from director Pete Sohn, who pitched the concept to Pixar revolving around the question of whether fire and water could connect, ultimately resulting in a fiery and splashy romance. [3][4]

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II. Plot summary

A summary of the key events in the movie

"Elemental" tells the love story between fire element Ember Lumen and water element Wade Ripple, set in a world where natural elements represent different social classes. They team up to fix a leaking dam to save her family's convenience store, falling in love in the process. [5][6]

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Focus on the two main characters, Ember and Wade

Ember and Wade are the two main characters in Pixar's Elemental movie. Ember is a fiery young woman and Wade is a go-with-the-flow guy who comes from a different element. Together, they embark on a journey to discover how much they have in common, despite their apparent differences. [7][8]

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III. Inspiration and Concept

Director's inspiration for the movie

Director Pete Sohn was inspired by his Korean immigrant family's harmonious life in the Bronx to create "Elemental." He based the idea on whether fire and water could ever connect, and used an opposites attract narrative to convey the message. [9][10]

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Concept behind the merging of different elements and their significance

In Elemental, Pixar explores the idea of different elements coming together to create a harmonious society. The merging of fire, water, earth, and air not only creates a unique and visually stunning world but also symbolizes the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in our diverse world. [11][12]

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IV. Production

Production timeline

The production timeline for Elemental was seven years long, with work being done both in the studio and remotely by the filmmakers from their homes. This allowed for the careful design of the visual effects and appearance of each character, particularly Ember and Wade. [13][14]

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Use of animation tools and techniques

Animation tools and techniques were utilized in Elemental to bring the characters and the world of Element City to life. The visual effects and appearance of each character were thoughtfully designed to reflect their elemental identity, creating a visually stunning film. [15][16]

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V. Cast and Characters

Brief overview of the key characters, their personalities and roles in the film

The two main characters in Elemental are Ember and Wade. Ember is a fiery, quick-witted fire element who works at her family's convenience store in Fire Town and struggles with controlling her temper. Wade, on the other hand, is a sappy water element who works as an inspector in Element City and is emotional and easily moved to tears. The two fall in love but must navigate the societal norms that forbid elements from different groups from mixing. [17][18]

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Cast and their backgrounds

The cast of Elemental features a talented group of voice actors, including Leah Lewis as Ember, Mamoudou Athie as Wade, and Shila Ommi as Cinder. Many of the actors are new faces in the industry, such as Mason Wertheimer and Innocent Onanovie Ekakitie, while others, like Ronobir Lahiri, have had previous experience in film and television. It's clear that the director and producers made a conscious effort to showcase diverse talent and create a fresh cast for this movie. [19][20]

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VI. Critical reception

Review of the movie's reception by the audience

Many critics have given mixed reviews to Disney Pixar's latest movie, Elemental. While some have praised the movie's world-building and the chemistry between the two main characters, others have criticized its overambitious script and lack of subtlety in conveying its social commentary. Ultimately, reception by the audience has been mixed. [21][22]

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VII. Message and Themes

Analysis of the message and themes conveyed in the movie

Elemental's message focuses on multiculturalism and social integration. It uses the merging of different elements to represent different social classes, ethnicities, and cultures. The movie encourages viewers to embrace diversity and celebrate differences, while also highlighting the challenges immigrants face when entering a new society. [23][24]

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Multiculturalism and intercultural relationships

Elemental explores themes of multiculturalism and intercultural relationships through its diverse cast of characters and the allegory between the different elements. The movie encourages honest communication, compassion, and empathy, and highlights the importance of respecting cultural differences and breaking down barriers between different groups. [25][26]

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Significance of the movie and its place in Disney and Pixar's filmography

Elemental holds a significant place in Disney and Pixar's filmography as an original feature film that showcases the studio's ability to tackle complex themes such as multiculturalism and intercultural relationships. Despite receiving mixed reviews, its release represents a continued commitment to producing groundbreaking animated films. [27][28]

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IX. References

List of sources used for the blog post

For this blog post about Pixar's movie, Elemental, I used sources such as the official Disney website and a review from AP News. These sources provided me with valuable information about the movie's production, reception, and themes. [29][30]

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