The Impact of 4Life Gold Factor on Telomerase Activity


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4life gold factor


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Recently, a peer-reviewed study on the product conducted by 4Life was accepted for publication. 

The findings concluded that Gold Factor had an appreciable effect in increasing telomerase activity and slowing telomere shortening in human fibroblasts. 

This could indicate that Gold Factor has the potential to provide powerful anti-aging benefits.

To gain further insight on the investigation and the repercussions of Gold Factor, keep on looking into the topic!

The objective of this investigation was what?

It is clear that Gold Factor has a range of positive benefits, like boosting youthfulness, increasing cellular health, and promoting vitality. But what else can this supplement provide?*

The objective of this investigation was to monitor the consequences of Gold Factor on two markers of aging: telomerase action and telomere length in human fibroblasts.

Telomerase activity - what is it?

A significant part of cellular aging is attributed to telomerase activity. As one grows older, telomeres, which are responsible for safeguarding chromosomes, become shorter and this has a negative impact on one's wellbeing and life expectancy. Fibroblasts are cells that are responsible for the forming many connective tissues in the body and are a necessary part of the cellular growth.

What did the research discover?

It was determined through the study that Gold Factor had a substantial impact on telomerase activity and the shortening of telomeres in human fibroblasts. These results suggest that Gold Factor may be beneficial in promoting healthy aging.*

The touted prestige of Gold Factor is undeniable, as its purity and strength are of the highest order!

Gaining knowledge of this amazing Gold Factor exploration.

Gaining additional information can be found in this PDF related to telomerase activity and telomere length.


Han et al. (2023) conducted an in vitro assessment of the effect of gold nanoparticles on telomerase activity and telomere length in human fibroblasts in a laboratory study. Their findings were published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24(18), 14273.

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